Jazz Festival


Jazz Festival

Turning Point Ensemble goes fifth stream in a concert that brings to Vancouver three of the most innovative and influential musicians crossing and eliminating the boundaries between jazz and new music.

John Hollenbeck, Quinsin Nachoff and François Houle

A message from Owen Underhill

As Artistic Director of Turning Point Ensemble, I wish to share my anticipation for an extraordinary program in the Vancouver International Jazz Festival of premieres by three original and innovative and largely unclassifiable 'crossover'  musicians - drummer John Hollenbeck, tenor saxophonist Quinsin Nachoff and TPE's clarinetist François Houle.

John Hollenbeck has composed for Tuning Point Ensemble a major new work called 'tree bell groove.'  The first movement dedicated to experimental sound artist and writer Bob Ostertag is funky and powerfully rhythmic; the second movement for Brian Eno consists of independent looping ideas at simultaneous different tempi; the third movement for avant-garde jazz drummer Doug Hammond has an energetic and infectious groove throughout. We are very excited to have the incredible John Hollenbeck joining our ensemble in his two works.

Quinsin Nachoff has composed a tenor saxophone concerto in three movements called Winding Tessellations.  The work will integrate a detailed and colourful multi-layered orchestral music with a predominantly improvised solo tenor sax played by Quinsin himself.

François Houle returns to Tuning Point Ensemble from a European and Canadian tour, and we will play a new arrangement for TPE of his XX (for Steve Lacy); Lacy was an inspiring influence for François when he studied with him in Paris in the nineties.  In seven interlocking movements, XX is a virtuosic kaleidoscope for our ensemble and John, Quinsin and François as soloists.

I strongly believe this concert on June 27th and June 28th will have surprises and delights for followers of jazz, new music, and all the regions in between.

Please join us.


$25 Single Tickets

$150 Dinner + Show package**

** Includes- 2 Tickets for the show and a $100 Gift Certificate for Dinner, BEFORE the show at L'Abattoir

Dinner Reservations required at 6pm, Show at 8pm

François Houle

L'abattoir is located in the center of Gastown between historic Gaoler’s Mews and Blood Alley.