Who is Frank Zappa, Legendary rock star?


Who is the legendary composer, Edgard Varèse?

Award-winning Canadian composer, John Oswald


About "Frank Zappa Meets Varèse and Oswald"

We know Frank Zappa as a daring innovator, synonymous with audacity, virtuosity and crazy inventiveness. But as a youth he cut his teeth on Edgard Varèse, one of the twentieth century’s great composers.

In this musical spectacular, arguably Canada’s boldest composer John Oswald and the Turning Point Ensemble pay tribute to both masters.

Some of Frank Zappa's most beloved and outré works from The Yellow Shark will be performed. Varèse gets a stunning tribute as well; the ensemble will play two works from the mid-twenties that show just how far ahead of his time he was.

Put one of our best avant-garde composers together with a group of 30 instrumentalists and you have the perfect complement to these two geniuses.